1What is OneMoney?
OneMoney is a financial service offered by NetOne Cellular to mobile phone users through the use of an electronic wallet (e-wallet) from which they can transfer money to other mobile phone users without visiting any bank. Services enjoyed by OneMoney customers include sending money, person to person money transfer, buying prepaid airtime for oneself and other NetOne subscribers, paying for groceries, payment of bills among other services.
2Can I transact on OneMoney without a bank account?
OneMoney allows you to conduct financial transactions without the need to have a bank account. However, having a bank account increases the options available to you to transact on OneMoney.
3.Do I need to maintain a minimum amount in my OneMoney account?
No. Your OneMoney account does not require you to maintain any minimum balance. You can fund your account according to the transactions you want to perform.
4Are there any monthly charges on my OneMoney account?
No, OneMoney charges you only when you do a transaction. You’re only charged for the transactions you have initiated.
5If I already have a bank account, can I access it using OneMoney?
Yes, if your bank is linked to OneMoney, you can access your bank account through OneMoney and transfer money from your bank account to your OneMoney wallet. You can also transfer money from your OneMoney wallet to your bank.
6What is a PIN?
The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the key to your OneMoney wallet and it will be necessary every time you want to perform a transaction on OneMoney. We recommend that you memorize it so that you keep it secret. Never share it with anyone. You should never give up your PIN to an agent, NetOne personnel or anyone else. Your PIN is yours and yours alone.
7Can I convert my NetOne airtime and use it to top up my OneMoney account
No. Your OneMoney account is completely separate from your NetOne airtime. However, you can use your OneMoney value to buy NetOne prepaid airtime for your own or another NetOne subscriber’s phone. NetOne subscribers do not need to be registered for OneMoney to receive airtime from you.
8Can I use OneMoney to top up a NetOne/Econet number?
No. At present, you can only buy prepaid airtime for NetOne numbers. However, you can send money to an Econet/NetOne subscriber.
9What services are available on OneMoney?
• Deposit money/Cash-In • Withdraw money/ Cash Out • Send money to another OneMoney customer • Send money to any mobile number e.g. NetOne, Econet and NetOne • Buy NetOne prepaid airtime for yourself and other NetOne subscribers • Check your wallet balance • Check your wallet history • Change your PIN number • Pay Merchants for goods and services • Pay bill (DStv, ZESA, City Council, NetOne post paid etc.) • Transfer money from your OneMoney wallet to your bank account. • Transfer money from your bank account to your OneMoney wallet