About OneMoney

OneMoney is a mobile payments solution service provided by NetOne to its subscribers. OneMoney provides a service ecosystem that entails the exchange of money between individuals (peer to peer), businesses (business to business), individuals paying businesses (consumer to business), and businesses paying individuals (business to individual). This service offering provided by OneMoney makes it possible for individuals and businesses to transact in a secure, cashless, and seamless manner.

Benefits of using OneMoney

• OneMoney is Zimbabwe’s only fully fledged mobile payments solution.
• It is easy and simple to use.
• OneMoney is secure, fast and gives you the convenience to transact any time of the day.
• No monthly maintenance fees

Services available on OneMoney include

• Sending & Receiving Money
• Buying Airtime
• Cash In & Cash Out
• Merchant Services
• Biller Services
• OneMoney Account Services